Marc Maset

Founder of Blue Lemons & SaaS Executive at HP

Launching products at scale by day, working on apps & AI research by night

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Corporate Experience

2022 - Sr. Director, WEX Product Management HP Inc. CA, USA
Overall Product Management and end to end P&L ownership for the SaaS services business. Enabling organizations to unleash the full potential of their workforce and optimize the use of their workplace. Web | Launch
2021 - 2022 Director, SaaS Incubation | 0 -> 1 HP Inc. CA, USA
Helped bring the “what if’s” of HP’s SaaS future to life. Led a group of product managers, strategists, engineers and AI researchers.
2020 - 2021 Director, Platform Product Management & Data Science HP Inc. CA, USA
Led TechPulse cloud platform and edge-compute client ecosystem. Incubated, prototyped, and successfully scaled new digital services powered by data & AI. TechPulse
2019 - 2020 Sr. Manager, Services Digital Solutions HP Inc. CA, USA
Managed digital products incubation, bringing startup focus, speed, and iterative design to conceptualize, test and scale new digital solutions. Active Care | Smart Support
2017 - 2019 Manager, Services Global Strategic Initiatives HP Inc. CA, USA
Defined, architected and led implementation of the "Services GTM Platform" strategy, combining a web app & data science to enable sales, pursuit and delivery teams better serve our customers. TSIA Award
2010 - 2017 Multiple roles leading Consumer Services, Data Science and Strategy Henkel, HP Inc. Switzerland, Spain

Apps & Research

newsWave app store Starlight
The ultimate Product Management tool
macOS | 2023 - Present
Web | App Store
newsWave app store NewsWave
Personalized News Feed enhanced with ML classifiers
iOS & macOS | 2019 - 2022
Web | Retrospective
denarius app store Denarius
Manage your finances, effortlessly
macOS | 2017 - 2020
notio app store Notio
Collect your thoughts, memories and ideas
iOS | 2014 - 2015
excelling app store Excelling
Discover, learn and share the Excel function you need - when you need it
iOS | 2013 - Present
Web | App Store

Teaching & Conferences

berkeley UC Berkeley
Giving lectures on Applied AI and Enterprise Digital Transformation to MBA & EMBA Students
2018 - 2022
cwc HP Customer Center
Presenting latest HP Inc. AI capabilities to client C-Suite visiting HP's HQ and workshopping solutions to their unique problems
2017 - Present


berkeley ChatGPT from scratch
Re-implemented ChatGPT (Generatively Pre-trained Transformer) from scratch, following the paper "Attention is All You Need", Andrej implementation, and optimizing for M1 Max
GitHub | Paper | Andrej
berkeley Digital Workers | Home Automation
Created a Digital Gardener to take care of my backyard -accounting for temperature, rain and soil moisture- as well as a Digital Guard that controls my house while I am traveling overseas
cwc Tech Podcast
Monthly Tech discussion & tutorials, GuiasXV became the most subscribed podcast in the Spanish store
2006 - 2008
Applesfera | Sample

Recommended Reading

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